Genuine Experiences

The beautiful landscape of Lahemaa with its wild forests, the life in the country-side following the rhythm of four seasons, every household offering its unique way of life close to nature – cosy accommodation in the peace and quiet of the farm full of historic objects, pieces of original handicraft, wait for you. Healthy local food and a rich choice of herb teas is served. You as a city-dweller can see friendly farm animals and exotic birds, enjoy our rambling paths or horse-rides. Do not forget to go to our sauna.

We hope you appreciate the genuine experience of an Estonian guest house. We offer you different programmes starting from brief visits and finishing with long-term recreation. In the Lahemaa National Park you can visit unique bogs and marshes, hillocks, virgin forests, sandy beaches with boulders and junipers – all supplied with marked trails for ramblers. On the territory of the Lahemaa National Park there are several museums worth a visit and the most beautiful Estonian manor-houses with rich stories of the past to tell you.

Welcome to Lahemaa!

Enjoy our natural and historical heritage!

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